George HILL was born about 1808 in Somerset, U.K.  He arrived in Tasmania on the Atlas in August 1833 after being found guilty at the Somerset Assizes in August 1831 of stealing.  He was sentenced to transportation for life.


Ellen SINGLETON arrived in Tasmania as a free immigrant on the Sarah in 1835.


George and Ellen were married on 11 Jul 1836 in New Norfolk. 


George died on 22 Apr 1880 at Avoca

Ellen died on 2 February 1880 at Avoca


Their children were :


*  Elizabeth Ann HILL (1836)


*  John HILL (1838-1915) 

Married Margaret HAMILTON (died 1873) and Maria ELLIS (died 1926)


*  Ellen HILL (1841)


*  Maria HILL (1843)


*  George HILL (1847-1908)

married Mary PANTON (also known as Mary MIDSON) on 5 October 1868


*  Celia HILL (1852-1887)









*  John HILL, born 4 December 1838, married Margaret HAMILTON on 25 July 1861.

Margaret HILL died at Avoca on 17 January 1873.


                        Jessie Fleming HILL (1862)

                        John HILL (1864)

                        George HILL (1866)

                        Ellen Singleton HILL (1869)


        John HILL married/partnered Maria ELLIS.


        Lillie HILL (1876)

        Male child (1877)

        Elizabeth HILL (1880)




*  George HILL, born on 10 September 1847, married Mary PANTON on 5 October 1868.


        Charlotte Maria HILL (1869)

        John HILL (1870)

        Elenor HILL (1872)

        George William HILL (1873)

        Joseph Albert HILL (1875)

        Mary Ellen HILL (1876)

        Leslie Robert HILL (1878)

        Ernest Lawrence HILL (1881)

        Harold John HILL (1884)

        Reginald Lewis HILL (1886)

        Agnes Winifred HILL (1888)

        Albert James HILL (1891)

        Arthur Linus HILL (1894)

        Bernard HILL (1987)




*  Celia HILL (1852-1887)



    Charles Eugene HILL

    James Francis SMITH

    Leslie George HILL

    Ellen Blanche NESWICK









*  Jessie Fleming HILL (1862-1935)

    married Henry HART 10 February 1896.



Mary HART (1883),

Henry HART (1885),

Thomas HART (Bob) (1887),

John HART (1890),

Margaret HART (1892),
Rose HART (1895),

Ellen HART (Nell) (1898),

Arthur HART (1901)



*  John HILL (1864-1938)

        married Lena Maud JOY 17 September 1896



Louisa May HILL (1896),

Male child (1898-1898),

Margaret Elizabeth HILL (1899),
Gertrude Ellen Maud HILL (Nell) (1900),

Florence Eileen HILL (Flo) (1902),
Lena Elsie Evelyn HILL (Elsie) (1904),

John Henry Horace James HILL (Jack) (1906),

George Thomas Gordon HILL (1908),

Arthur Edward HILL (Artie) (1910),
Jessie Edith Emily HILL (1912),

Leslie Robert HILL (1914),

Reginald Hamilton HILL (1915),

Eva Irene Clarice HILL (1917),

Faith Anzacis HILL (1921).

(Twin girls died at birth or shortly after.

Their births were not registered but they were born about 1903 or 1905.)



*  George HILL (1866)

        George never married.



*  Ellen Singleton HILL (1869)

        married James BROWN in 1899



Norman Nicholas James BROWN (1900)

Maud Ellen BROWN (1902)

Lily Singleton BROWN (1905)

Ruth Frances BROWN (1906)

Susan Emily BROWN (1909)



*  Charlotte Maria HILL (1869)

    married Thomas COGHLAN in 1890



             Ernest Lawrence COGHLAN

             Lavinia Mary COGHLAN

             May COGHLAN

             James Michael COGHLAN



*  John HILL (1870)



*  Ellenor HILL (1872)



*  George William HILL (1873)

        married Clara Mulvenia DAVIS in 1894



                 William George HILL (1895)

                 Vera Constance HILL (1898)

                 Dorah Mary HILL (1901)

                 Mabel Winifred HILL (1903)

                 Eric HILL

                 Doris HILL

                 Bonnie HILL

                 Herbert Henry HILL



*  Joseph Albert HILL (1875)



*  Mary Ellen HILL (1876)

    married Thomas Henry BAILEY in 1894.



             Beryl Lucy BAILEY

             Eileen Rose BAILEY

             Patricia BAILEY

             Jessie BAILEY

             Frederick BAILEY

             Ray BAILEY

             Robert BAILEY

             George BAILEY

             Bernard BAILEY



·        Leslie Robert HILL (1878)

Married Linda O’Keefe



        James HILL

        Ronald HILL

        Margaret HILL



*  Ernest Lawrence HILL (1881)

    married Sarah Frances LUFF



             Percy Lawrence HILL

             Frances Bevan HILL



*  Harold John HILL (1884)

        married Mary Matilda WEINERT



                 Leslie Harold HILL

                 Mary Matilda HILL

                 Zillah HILL

                 John Julius HILL

                 Irene HILL



*  Reginald Lewis HILL (1886)

        married Agnes Isabel PURCELL



                 Pearl Irene HILL

                 Reginald HILL

                 Alfred HILL

                 Harold HILL

                 Ivy May HILL



*  Agnes Winifred HILL (1888)

        married William FAULKNER


                Freda Irene FAULKNER

                Bernice Winifred FAULKNER

                Eric William FAULKNER



*  Albert James HILL (1891)



*  Arthur Linus HILL (1894)

        married Ella Alberta HEALY



                Greta Mary HILL

                Jeffrey Harold HILL

                Ronald Arthur HILL

                Donald Bradman HILL

                Reginald Douglas HILL



*  Bernard HILL (1897)

    married Lena May O’Keefe



            Stanley George HILL

            Alan Frederick HILL

            Max HILL






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